Switching to entrepreneurship is not always the answer

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I was exploring for a fulfilling life and career because I was tired of feeling stuck and bored with the same old routine.

Some of you can relate, waking up every morning with a heavy heart to do the same old thing again. The feeling has always been the same — and I never liked the feeling of being disengaged.

And I told myself that maybe there was something wrong with me.

Let us rewind a little bit. Material success fooled me.

The more I moved up the corporate ladder, the more I yearn for having purchasing power. My desires…

Things that you should do and not do when launching a start-up

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I was a man on a mission several years ago.

My greatest assignment back then was to discover on how to find a fulfilling occupation. I would always listen to TED talks while on my way to the office with the hope of searching for the most satisfying work to do for the rest of my existence.

That expedition led me to ponder more about human explorations on interest, passion and finding purpose.

Back then, I came across the idea of building a tech start-up company. …

Asian born in the US, on the road towards self-actualization

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Welcome to my page! Dennis de Silva here.

Born 1981 in Ventura, California, and currently residing in the Philippines.

I am married with two lovely kids.

In 1974, My parents decided to fly to the United States to work there and live a better life. My dad was a recognized Certified Public Accountant both in the Philippines and the State of California.

My mom took up medical school in Manila and served briefly as a nurse assistant — and later decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

Time flew so fast until my parents realized that my eldest brother and two…

To be happy, stop minding other people’s business

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I loved to snoop employee salaries during the early days of my career.

My frame of mind has always been like this — every time I see people in the office, I would associate a monetary value on their faces. That guy in the corner room, that boss who appeared not so equipped at all and down to those who have just finished college and now entering the workforce

And it is embarrassing that I was once a gossipmonger of the salaries of people in the office. Behind those awkward moments reveal that I was jealous of the compensation of…

Being maverick and dependent taught me a lot of things

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Once you get married, leave the house of your parents. I would always hear this saying from the elderly in many instances.

And it looks like that I was way ahead of the rest. When I took my second-degree college, I was partially independent. Although I was still under the payroll, I felt that being physically separated from my parents was helpful to my development.

I learned how to manage the resources that I only had. When I cannot afford books, I would borrow from my upperclassmen or in the library. …

And ways to manage them if they bother you often

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I accomplish things fast when done on my own.

And if done with the RIGHT people, we reach a greater distance than doing things alone.

But not all people are pleasing to work with

Most of the time, we need to ride with them because we have no choice but to work with them. And we get to know people working together over time. Even marriages get tested on a specific timeline.

If you own a business and have known a partner for several years, it is still not a warranty that everything would go well with him. …

Taking care of yourself does not have to be costly

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Are you feeling strained right now?

You are not alone.

Stress knows no gender or economic status — or condition. And if mismanaged, it resorts to burnout as its worst-case scenario. It can be from our business, corporate job, family affairs, health concerns, and money in general.

It is not unusual to experience stress. But if you do not give proper remedy to it, it would most likely hit you back and knock you out badly.

During this pandemic era, everybody has lost grip of reality. We were all forced to change our mindset and daily routine. …

There is always a road beyond the dead-end

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People do not like uncertainties.

Too much of it pushes us outside our comfort zone.

When we are displaced outside our comfort zone often, we lose control. And if things appear to be intolerable with no determined time of solution, we possibly end-up in a black hole where no escape is possible.

Try to imagine yourself be under these situations:

• Being in a relationship only to find out that you will break up later

• Eyeing for that job promotion — but was given to another person

• Losing a loved one too soon


You would most likely…

Whatever your age is, it is never too late

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Time is of the essence but paying attention is priceless. Give room for people to speak. Hearts are tweaked if you always put a stop to it.

Make money out of what you do brilliantly. It doesn’t have to be your passion. If it benefits the people around you, then it is time to offer it outside your circle.

People come from various backgrounds. This way we, receive differing opinions and stances. If they disagree with you, it doesn’t mean they hate you. But at the end of the day, nobody can bend the truth.

You invest today then, you…

Wisdom from older men’s mistakes

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I miss the church days before the pandemic. When men gather together and shake the hands of those entering the worship hall for the service. We were happy to check with one another after a week of not seeing each other.

Being surrounded by older men means getting lots of wisdom from them. And whenever I join their conversation, it feels like an actual seminar about life experiences; I take notes of what I can learn from them.

There are so many topics we cover during our fellowship. Themes would vary depending on the storyteller. It may include family, life…

Dennis De Silva

Christian | Family man | Accountant | Addicted to LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-de-silva-cpa/

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