Most of it absorbed before turning 40 years’ old

Everybody has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

I notice that all of us have our hurdles to face. And it is up to us also to decide whether to ignore or outshine these difficulties.

There is no secret sauce to live a stress-free life — but I would…

Encounter the same mistakes and realize the lessons later

For almost half of my life, I thought money was something that I was entitled to have.

It was the perception I had back then when I was a spoiled brat. And I am thankful that I woke up.

Though, I needed to undergo rock bottom experiences for me to…

Learn how to overcome your villains

Getting lost in a place you are not familiar with is a distressing experience.

Imagine that you are driving in a place late at night — Waze and Google maps can no longer detect where the heck you are — and there are no people to ask around — everything…

Everyone has the potential to generate more revenue even if they lack time and money

I was raised as a corporate professional and aspired to be well-educated in business.

My father ran a forwarding company, a pawnshop, and a grocery store. But I cannot fully comprehend the business that he was doing because I was a happy-go-lucky person previously. …

Asian born in the US, on the road towards self-actualization


Welcome to my page! Dennis de Silva here.

Born 1981 in Ventura, California, and currently residing in the Philippines.

I am married with two lovely kids.

In 1974, My parents decided to fly to the United States to work there and live a better life. …

Can you avoid concealing the act in reality?

According to a Breakup Diagnostic Survey, 82 percent of those polled said that cheating was a deal-breaker. The truth is that most relationships end due to the cheating of a partner.

Whether you want one or are currently in a relationship, I am sure you do not want a piece…

Take it easy; you are not the only one who thinks this way

I took no knowledge after finishing my degree when I graduated from college. I do not give a damn about going on stage to receive my diploma. I had no reason to strive for excellence — blame it to my past spoiled brat attitude.

My only goal was to obtain…

For a married man, they conceal it

There are some similarities between hotels and motels. They are both lodges at times. Some argue that hotels are for business travelers, whereas motels typically accommodate families with fewer amenities. It can be hard to tell the difference between the two at times.

When you are with a partner heading…

If you ignore it, you will lose it.

My wife and I are approaching our twelfth year of marriage. Add five more years, for a total of seventeen years together.

It was not easy, but by the grace of God, we are still intact. We had some good times and some bad. The good thing about our relationship…

A true narrative told by a fifteen-year-old corporate addict

For the past 15 years in the corporate world, it was a roller coaster ride. I was full of dreams after graduating from college — and a man with a lot of ambition. …

Dennis De Silva

LinkedIn’s Top Inspiring Filipinos — 1.7M+ content views — Spreading tested principles for a happy life & career

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