Most of it absorbed before turning 40 years’ old

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Everybody has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

I notice that all of us have our hurdles to face. And it is up to us also to decide whether to ignore or outshine these difficulties.

There is no secret sauce to live a stress-free life — but I would always have the choice to experience joy if I want.

I also observed some people — despite having a truckload of problems, they are happy, while others who seem capable materially are not living life enthusiastically.

Outlook in life matters in this journey

There are times where I would point…

Encounter the same mistakes and realize the lessons later

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For almost half of my life, I thought money was something that I was entitled to have.

It was the perception I had back then when I was a spoiled brat. And I am thankful that I woke up.

Though, I needed to undergo rock bottom experiences for me to realize stuff about wealth and life.

My learnings about money resonated with me in stages.

I treated money differently when I was in my 20s and 30s. …

Learn how to overcome your villains

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Getting lost in a place you are not familiar with is a distressing experience.

Imagine that you are driving in a place late at night — Waze and Google maps can no longer detect where the heck you are — and there are no people to ask around — everything you see is trees and dark clouds.

The build-up of fear intensifies as you worry if you ever find your way to the right track. Your brain begins to shift to what-if scenarios. Like the idea of being tortured or killed by psychos who are just around the corner


Everyone has the potential to generate more revenue even if they lack time and money

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I was raised as a corporate professional and aspired to be well-educated in business.

My father ran a forwarding company, a pawnshop, and a grocery store. But I cannot fully comprehend the business that he was doing because I was a happy-go-lucky person previously. It was too late for me to ask relevant questions and be coached by Dad — because he passed away after a few years of graduating from college at that time.

I envied my Chinese friends, who seemed to have a natural talent for making money. It felt awkward when I attend business summits to learn…

Asian born in the US, on the road towards self-actualization

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Welcome to my page! Dennis de Silva here.

Born 1981 in Ventura, California, and currently residing in the Philippines.

I am married with two lovely kids.

In 1974, My parents decided to fly to the United States to work there and live a better life. My dad was a recognized Certified Public Accountant both in the Philippines and the State of California.

My mom took up medical school in Manila and served briefly as a nurse assistant — and later decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

Time flew so fast until my parents realized that my eldest brother and two…

Money is merely a tool, do not use it to alter your true nature

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As a child, I was aware that my family had more than enough money to meet our needs.

My father ran a logistics company. His company had several ten-wheeler and trailer trucks, he bought a new car every year, and he purchased real estate on the side. He was a self-made millionaire, in my opinion. With the assistance of close relatives, he was able to work his way up. He was able to scale his business due to his dedication and hard work.

When their business prospered, my parents enrolled me in an exclusive school, where I met some wealthy…

Make your stories remarkable by providing high-quality articles

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For the longest time, I have wanted to own a Rolex. I told myself that I wanted to have one before I turn 40.

I will have to wait another five months before I can finally declare that life begins at forty. But it appears that I will still be short of money, so I am deferring the purchase for another year or maybe two. With the help of this platform earnings, I am hoping to afford one to satisfy my addiction!

Even though there are numerous alternatives, people like me are insistent about purchasing that watch if given the…

There is still hope introverts, do not despair

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Many people would like to do anything else than sell.

When a saleslady approaches you and follows you around, it makes you feel uneasy. Imagine yourself doing what she does; the act itself is even more disturbing.

I do not feel comfortable doing sales pitches like those guys in insurance and real estate — this is why I majored in accounting. As an introvert, I should have been in front of a computer, crunching numbers in spreadsheets.

To me, selling represents manipulating and pressuring others. I realized that I was wrong.

Selling is a lifelong skill required for human survival

As time passed, I realized that whatever you do…

Pretending to be fine aggravates the situation.

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When we were younger, we all had the fantasy that anything that went wrong would end in a happy ending called forever.

This hallucination is what my seventeen-year-old mind and body believed. After more than two decades, I finally settled on the notion that it does, but it depends on who you end up with, and timing is unpredictable.

When I first had a serious relationship, it felt like something out of a romantic comedy. The first meeting, winning a date with the lady, out-of-town trips, serenading, and the first kiss was all worth recording.

My teenage relationship went through…

You don’t have to push yourself too hard to get there

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If you want to achieve something in life, there is always a cost to pay.

To get there, you’d need to invest effort and money over time. There are no shortcuts. If you believe there is a magic formula to it, you are mistaken. There is always a process for making any dream a reality.

So when I heard that this platform was offering bonuses until July 2021, I promised myself that I would put in the work. Whether I get it or not, I won’t be sorry because I tried my hardest to get it done.

When you start aiming for something, everything seems to become non-negotiable.

I decided to…

Dennis De Silva

Christian | Accountant | Writer for The Startup, Ascent Publication, Better Advice.

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