Everyone has the potential to generate more revenue even if they lack time and money

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I was raised as a corporate professional and aspired to be well-educated in business.

My father ran a forwarding company, a pawnshop, and a grocery store. But I cannot fully comprehend the business that he was doing because I was a happy-go-lucky person previously. It was too late for me to ask relevant questions and be coached by Dad — because he passed away after a few years of graduating from college at that time.

I envied my Chinese friends, who seemed to have a natural talent for making money. It felt awkward when I attend business summits to learn…

You don’t have to be in the zone to write an article

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It is hard to think of a new topic to write about next. I used to scribble down ideas all the time, but whenever I sit down to write about a specific topic, I get lost and feel stuck for the rest of the moment.

I need to make the most of my scheduled free time as a guy with a 9–5 job with limited hours to write. If I don’t write anything, I’m disappointed in myself because I’ve just wasted my time.

Even if I’m not in my flow state, there should be some way to write spontaneously. I…

Switching to entrepreneurship is not always the answer

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I was exploring for a fulfilling life and career because I was tired of feeling stuck and bored with the same old routine.

Some of you can relate, waking up every morning with a heavy heart to do the same old thing again. The feeling has always been the same — and I never liked the feeling of being disengaged.

And I told myself that maybe there was something wrong with me.

Where It All Began

Let us rewind a little bit. Material success fooled me.

The more I moved up the corporate ladder, the more I yearn for having purchasing power. My desires…

Things that you should do and not do when launching a start-up

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I was a man on a mission several years ago.

My greatest assignment back then was to discover on how to find a fulfilling occupation. I would always listen to TED talks while on my way to the office with the hope of searching for the most satisfying work to do for the rest of my existence.

That expedition led me to ponder more about human explorations on interest, passion and finding purpose.

Back then, I came across the idea of building a tech start-up company. …

Asian born in the US, on the road towards self-actualization

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Welcome to my page! Dennis de Silva here.

Born 1981 in Ventura, California, and currently residing in the Philippines.

I am married with two lovely kids.

In 1974, My parents decided to fly to the United States to work there and live a better life. My dad was a recognized Certified Public Accountant both in the Philippines and the State of California.

My mom took up medical school in Manila and served briefly as a nurse assistant — and later decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

Time flew so fast until my parents realized that my eldest brother and two…

If it does not fit you, it will be a failure

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It is easy to come up with ideas and a business plan to implement.

We have all the resources online to use and what we need to do now is to follow them. We usually start with a high note by visualizing the expected outcomes -but when reality hits us, our initial reaction is to make a u-turn when things become unyielding.

It is what I experienced a few years ago when I launched my first online venture. I had a great plan but ended up a failure. I was embarrassed — but as they say, I need to face…

Train like an elite athlete to increase your success rate

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Do you have any unfinished business?

Doing new projects can be difficult at first. Most likely, you started these initiatives with a bang, but you may have grown tired of them in the middle of the program. If you have experienced burnout during the process, do not give up hope because — we have all been there.

I researched people who have achieved peak performance — and I intend to execute their methods to overcome my limiting behavior. …

Calling all writers to take advantage of the knowledge industry.

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Many people value what you know and experienced. You can make a difference in the world, and the best way to use it is to assist others in achieving their goals. When you help others in succeeding, you can live a fulfilling life while also earning a living.

Doesn’t it sound fancy? Most of you write on this platform, and as a result, you are now making a difference. Being a content creator entails entertaining people and providing advice to your readers, who then pay us back through this platform in return.

Most likely, you’ve recently begun writing and signed…

When you cannot seize audience interest, try this method to solve your engagement problems

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The lean canvas is a one-page business template that assists you in breaking down your ideas into assumptions. It substitutes a simple model for a comprehensive business case review.

Just like putting up a business from the very start, it takes a lot of planning and time to write. In this case, documenting the hypothesis is essential for establishing it. …

Their deceitful acts can fool you

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I recall days when I didn’t give a damn about making a good impression on my boss or rubbing shoulders with my boss’s boss. If my coworkers ate out after six o’clock, I wouldn’t mind. I would leave the office as soon as I finished my work and take responsibility for the rest of the day — and enjoy my personal life.

That routine was short-lived. Despite being an introvert, I yearned for a sense of belonging. We are human beings, not human doings. I was looking for engagement and didn’t want to remain alone in the workplace. We are…

Dennis De Silva

Christian | Accountant | Writer for The Startup, Ascent Publication, Better Advice | The Writing Cooperative. http://www.linkedin.com/in/dennis-de-silva-cpa/

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