Things that you should do and not do when launching a start-up

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I was a man on a mission several years ago.

My greatest assignment back then was to discover on how to find a fulfilling occupation. I would always listen to TED talks while on my way to the office with the hope of searching for the most satisfying work to do for the rest of my existence.

That expedition led me to ponder more about human explorations on interest, passion and finding purpose.

Back then, I came across the idea of building a tech start-up company. …

Asian born in the US, on the road towards self-actualization

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Welcome to my page! Dennis de Silva here.

Born 1981 in Ventura, California, and currently residing in the Philippines.

I am married with two lovely kids.

In 1974, My parents decided to fly to the United States to work there and live a better life. My dad was a recognized Certified Public Accountant both in the Philippines and the State of California.

My mom took up medical school in Manila and served briefly as a nurse assistant — and later decided to become a stay-at-home mom.

Time flew so fast until my parents realized that my eldest brother and two…

If you are mister congeniality of the world, you are no excuse

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I have met many difficult people since I was a child. They have been a neighbor, friend, classmate, relative, worker, or even a loved one.

You and I have been villains to others also at some point in our lifetime.

Difficult people are those you clash with — and they vary in stages.

  • Always in contrast with your principles or way of doing things
  • Extremely sensitive, thinking that they are on the losing end
  • Unpredictable, you cannot sense what they are feeling at a given moment
  • Negative, always worry about his surroundings
  • Judgmental of the intention of others
  • Irritable or…

You can still make your life fruitful even if you are nearing your term

What I Learned From a Bedridden Cancer Patient About Life
What I Learned From a Bedridden Cancer Patient About Life
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I had the impression that people who were battling with severe illness and approaching death prefer having alone time with their loved ones during this stage. But for Martha Keochareon, it was a different story.

She was born in 1953 at Holyoke, a city in Hamden County, Massachusetts — in the United States of America.

Martha graduated with a nursing degree and eventually called up her alma mater and sent an invitation to students who would like to document a study of a patient experiencing cancer who was almost dying.

She passed away on December 29, 2012.

Nine years have…

The agony of hyperbolic discounting

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I have nothing in mind but to accumulate wealth when introduced to the world of personal finance.

And I am fascinated with all the success stories I read back then during my earlier years in the corporate organization..

One day I told myself that I would be a feature as one of the Top 40 millionaires under 40 men in a magazine who will make it soon in a particular industry.

Time flies so fast to the point that I am less than ten months away from what they call the “life begins” age. …

High rates of return for a small investment are not part of the equation

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Most of the Chinese guys I know are wealthy.

It is not evident because they do not flaunt it.

They don’t damn care if they wear the same shirt all day or ride a low-cost scooter to commute every day.

As long as they get the job done and everything is A-Okay

When you scroll down the business news, most of the successful people are Chinese. In fact, out of the ten wealthiest people here in the Philippines, seven are Chinese.

When other people see them along the street, the first impression they have in mind is that these people…

To marketing and salespeople, please add this to your rulebook

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LinkedIn and I have been going steady for more than 11 years now.

We have been together since July 15, 2009.

It provided me with a lot of benefits — such as

  • Opportunities to meet a lot of people.
  • Get exposure to recruiters
  • Showcase what I am capable of doing
  • Perform research about specific companies and industries

Just like any relationship, I do not settle to become a lurker and observer of the platform.

I return the favor by sharing whatever lessons I have learned in my life and work.

Guess what LinkedIn rewarded me even more.

A LinkedIn Marketing…

Use this financial scorecard to assess if you pass or fail the test

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My parents taught me the fundamental lessons about money.

Every time my dad and mom would talk, they would always discuss affairs associated with money.

These conversations include the performance of our family business, everyday expenses, and rising prices of commodities.

Also, add the money success and failure stories of people within their circle.

I would always hear these conversations that were part of my childhood.

But when I started my journey independently, I did not have the opportunity to ask my father about the vital steps towards his financial independence before his death.

Although I was educated with lessons…

A decision-making tool for the paralyzed

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Mobility is vital to verify the feasibleness of business ideas.

Over analyzing it would never make ideas come forward due to the non-course of action that plays a significant part.

Too much thinking is common especially, to those who are implementing something new in their life. It is due to fear of failure or possible rejection in the upcoming.

Vast majorities of people have been looking at creating businesses to boost income going into their pocket.

Most of them generate a lot of creative ideas but lacking the most vital part of all.


Blame it to analysis-paralysis

People get…

Redeem your life, do not wait for the worst to happen

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I am hypertensive.

High blood pressure can lead to serious health complications and an increased risk of heart disease if not managed well.

It could lead to stroke and heart failure that most of the time results in death.

Several adults have it but may not be aware of it.

I am unsure if I got it because of my substandard lifestyle during my younger years. I have a family history of hypertension.

So the time I found out about it did not surprise me.

I do not worry that much since I am confident that my maintenance drugs would…

Dennis De Silva

Christian | Family man | Accountant | Addicted to LinkedIn

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