I Wrote 41 Medium Articles As of This Time; I Still Have Two Weeks Left Before the Period Closes

Looking forward to the days ahead

Dennis De Silva
3 min readJun 16, 2022


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Today is June 16 in Manila — and there are still fourteen days left to write for the month.

At this early stage, I have already broken the target since I published the same number last month — and this piece of write will be my 42nd

Writing this many articles never pains me like before. I had my bumpy days — but regardless of the things happening off-screen, I was able (to) manage my time to write since it was already (ingrained) in my system.

Doing this every day felt like a necessity. Just like water, our body needs it to live every single day.

As I (progressed) with my writing journey, the time I spent (for) research and retrieving personal stories from the back of my head became spontaneous to me.

During my sixteen days of writing continuously this month, I had concerns about putting up exciting content — but thankfully, I was able to manage it along the way.

Courageous to share more self-published articles

This month, I have learned how to push more content under my name (and my baby publication).

I thought that it would be hard to gain reads — and I wonder how Medium would reward me for not depending on an established crowd of followers.

I am very thankful for how other articles I published on my own performed and were distributed. (True) enough that this platform supports individual work — and it made me happy seeing how they perform eventually.



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