The Remnants of Your Past Reveal How Vulnerable or Resilient You Were in the Face of Disaster

Did it make you better or worse?

Tser Dennis


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For many years, I felt like a moron. Do you ever have the feeling that everything you do in life is a complete mess?

Being a liability to your parents is depressing, as is the fact that you do not have a job and cannot feed yourself. We all reach a point in our lives when things don’t seem to go our way or when we feel out of control.

Everything comes and goes, but let bad things go takes time and effort. It is hard to get back on your feet, but the road will be easier if you first acknowledge it.

Untimely resignation made me a liability

In my younger years, I squandered a lot of time. I was wasting my parents’ money.

I didn’t take my life or my education seriously. It got to the point where my father came into my bedroom one night eighteen years ago and told me that our family business was no longer thriving.

When I heard this unexpected news from him, I fell silent. My father rarely initiated those kinds of one-on-one conversations, but he did lay everything on the table that night with a solemn tone.

After three months of working with my first company, I resigned from my job. At the time, I was a loser and a quitter.

In other words, as a self-avowed brat, I was unprepared for adulthood. As a result, I assumed that my parents were concerned about my future — and I had no other option.

When I think back to my college days, I remember thinking that life was just a big party. While my friends back in high school were busy doing schoolwork and burning their brows, I was doing the opposite — going to parties and meeting new people.

I do not recall ever studying in my first college. I think I never opened a book to learn new things. The only issue I had was deciding what to wear — and how to make that next move with pretty ladies every time I went out on a date with them.

Crying over spilled milk

My carefree days took their toll when I landed my first job as a marketing…



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