Ways How Money Exposes The Real You

Others choose money over God

Dennis De Silva
4 min readAug 17, 2022
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Everybody wants to be rich, right?

Come on, it is normal — and nothing wrong with it. I became a lifelong student about how to be a good steward of money

And that is the reason why I love to write it about it too.

The more I learn — the more I write, the more the subject resonates with me — and the wisdom grows in time.

As a Christian, it was a blessing also that we covered this in our church, Christ Commission Fellowship Church.

It reinforces how God wants us to treat money while — we are on this earthly life journey.

And I would like to share with you all the lessons and personal stories in this book — to serve as a reminder as we deal with it in our daily walk.

The Abstract Birth of Money

When we were kids, we were not taught deeply about money.

Most of the time, I would hear these lines when I wanted something from the toy store — we do not have money to buy that.

It reminded me of an extremely wealthy friend. He lived in a posh village in my home country — but his mom always said they never had money.

That was a different case — but the point is, nobody taught us where the money came from, and all that stopped until we got old to understand the subject.

Another thing is even adults have understood but lack wisdom on to manage resources.

When I was new to the Bible and its truths, I recognized lately that all topics are covered here. Name every topic — you have in your head — relationships, faith, marriage, prayer, obedience, money — and many more, it is there.

Those motivational and inspiring quotes or books were lifted from the book of life.

It is a matter of opening the pages and delving deeper into what it says. God speaks through the real-life accounts that were recorded.

It will always be a live document.

Exposed But in Denial



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